Planning Committee

The role of the Town Council Planning Committee is:

  • To respond to the unitary authority on all submitted planning applications and to raise objection and make comments where necessary;
  • To consider the Unitary Authorities proposals for the Local Plan and to consult the electorate and make representations as necessary;
  • To consider all proposed works to trees in a conservation area and to object or make comments where necessary;
  • To note all agreed works to trees in a conservation area;
  • To consider any diversions of public rights of way and make representations to the Unitary Authority;
  • To ensure that all Committee members receive appropriate training on planning issues.

Members of the Planning Committee

Cllr M Evans

Cllr Michael Evans

Orchard View, Primrose Lane,
Midsomer Norton, BA3 2UP

Telephone: 01761 235996


Cllr B Lawrence

Cllr Brian Lawrence (Vice-Chair)

“The Cottage”, 21 Steam Mills,
Midsomer Norton,  BA3 2JZ

Mobile: 07701 007 277


Cllr Jane M Lewis

Cllr Jane M Lewis (Chair)

Flowers Piece, 44 Millards Hill,
Midsomer Norton, BA3 2XE

Telephone: 01761 410216



Cllr L Barnes 2015

Cllr Luke Barnes

10 The Timbers,
Midsomer Norton, BA3 4DT

Mobile: 07531 080008


Cllr Paul Myers

Cllr Paul Myers

117 Redfield Road,
Midsomer Norton, BA3 2JH

Mobile: 07530 042 627


Cllr S Plumley 2015

Cllr Steve Plumley

“Lynden”, Radstock Road,
Midsomer Norton, BA3 2AW

Mobile:   07913 952901