Economic Development Partnership

Terms of Reference

1. Purpose

Convened by Midsomer Norton Town Council, the Midsomer Norton Development Economic Partnership (the ‘Partnership’) brings together partners to collectively improve the economic wellbeing of Midsomer Norton within the context of the Core Strategy framework.

2. Objectives

Recognising the need for a co-ordinated approach to achieve economic development of Midsomer Norton, the Partnership will:

  • Develop a cohesive over-arching strategy for economic development in Midsomer Norton.
  • Use the strategy to guide associated policy and decision-making of partners, facilitating progress to the goal of a vibrant community through a co-ordinated vision and purpose.
  • With the strategy in place, the Partnership will identify practical steps to achieve the vision.
  • By bringing together the partners inform and consult on matters of mutual interest.

3. Method of Working

The Midsomer Norton Economic Development Partnership is a co-ordinating, consensual group. As such any decisions reached are not binding upon member’s parent organisations, but the expectation is that the collective opinion be respected in order that progress can be made to the common goals.

Administrative procedures will be kept to a minimum:

  • The Partnership will be chaired by Midsomer Norton Town Council
  • Items for the agenda will be requested in advance of meetings with the final agenda agreed by the Chair of the Partnership.
  • Administrative support for the meetings will be provided by Midsomer Norton Town council and the cost of room hire.  Meetings will be as frequently as is necessary to carry out its purpose.

4. Membership

Core membership of the Partnership is: Midsomer Norton Town Councillors; Midsomer Norton B&NES Ward Councillors; B&NES Cabinet Member for Sustainable Development; B&NES Officers, and Midsomer Norton Chamber of Commerce supported by the Town Clerk and Officers of B&NES (Development & Major Projects, and Planning).  Membership may be augmented on an ad hoc or permanent basis with the agreement of the core members.