Green Spaces Strategy

In the Spring 2015 edition of LIFE, the Town Council’s Green Space Strategy was outlined with an update on progress towards its stated intention to ensure that additional green spaces were developed for the benefit of everyone in the town and for those visiting.  A huge amount of work has been undertaken over the last 4 years to help realise the Council’s ambition to secure a range of green spaces around the town.

The term “green space” has a formal meaning as a way to provide special protection against development for green areas of particular importance to local communities.  The Town Council has submitted proposals for the formal adoption of such green spaces and these will be considered as part of B&NES Council’s Placemaking Plan Consultation.  Key sites included the Wellow Brook to the east of Northmead Road, St Chad’s Well, the Garden of Friendship, Radstock Road Allotments and Welton Green.

Details of the Town Park project can be found under the Projects tab.

In addition, the Town Council has leased the Catholic Church Garden as a community space – to be known as the Garden of Friendship. The Garden has now been cleared.  Benches will be ordered to make a nice place to sit.

There are plans to put a telephone kiosk in the Garden which will house a permanent exhibition showing the link between the Church, the Kiosk and the architect Sir Giles Gilbert Scott.

Asset transfers for leases on flower beds around the Town and the Hollies Garden have been negotiated with B&NES Council.

St Chads Well Current

The Council has also assumed ownership of St Chad’s Well as part of its green space plans and work was completed in the summer of 2015 to restore the memorial and the site as a whole.

Following negotiations with the Duchy of Cornwall, the Town Council has taken a 10 year lease on the land adjoining the Wellow Brook from Northmead Road to the footpath between the east end of Vivien Avenue and Beaufort Avenue.

A full assessment of the land by a wildlife consultant has been commissioned which will allow the Town Council to develop a management plan for the site which will aim to encourage and protect the natural diversity on the site whilst providing residents and visitors with safe access.  New signs are to be installed at each end of the site and improvements to gates and the footpaths are also planned, ensuring that, even in the wettest times of the year, the footpaths can be used.