Neighbourhood Development Plan

A Neighbourhood Development Plan for Midsomer Norton

Following an application approved by the Town Council, Midsomer Norton was successfully designated as a Neighbourhood Area in November 2013.

Click on this link for the designation letter from B&NES: Midsomer Norton Neighbourhood Designation Nov 13

Click on this link for a map showing the area covered by the application which is the municipal boundary for Midsomer Norton Town Council. Map for Neighbourhood Plan Application Aug 2013

The designation has been followed by the establishment of a Steering Group chaired by Jenny Hillman, who is a volunteer, with Cllrs Jane Lewis, Brian Lawrence and Town Mayor Paul Myers working together with a number of community volunteers and a consultant.   100_9770

What’s the plan for the plan?

A road map was developed showing progress as at August 2016 and you can see it by clicking NDP Map Aug 16

What consultation have we done?

After having carried out a major Community Survey in late 2013, a series of consultation events on the plan aims and vision were held in December 2014.  The output from these is being analysed and the draft Neighbourhood Development Plan is now being written – the draft Vision and Policies can be seen here Draft Vision Boards.

What happens then?

The emerging plan will continue to be tested through further informal and formal consultation which has to be reflected in an updated plan. It is nearly ready to be submitted to the Local Planning Authority for an independent review.  If this is successful, it will then be put to the electorate in a referendum for adoption.