Planning Committee

The role of the Town Council Planning Committee is:

  • To respond to the unitary authority on all submitted planning applications and to raise objection and make comments where necessary;
  • To consider the Unitary Authorities proposals for the Local Plan and to consult the electorate and make representations as necessary;
  • To consider all proposed works to trees in a conservation area and to object or make comments where necessary;
  • To note all agreed works to trees in a conservation area;
  • To consider any diversions of public rights of way and make representations to the Unitary Authority;
  • To ensure that all Committee members receive appropriate training on planning issues.

Members of the Planning Committee

Cllr Gordon Mackay (Chair)

Cllr Brian Lawrence (Vice Chair)

Cllr Michael Evans

Cllr Lynda Robertson

Cllr Richard Robertson

Cllr Mike Moxham

Cllr Lynne Clement

Terms of Reference

Planning Terms of Reference 2020-2021

Planning response protocol