On the 21st August 2012, Midsomer Norton Town Council signed a new Civic Twinning Charter with Ambarès et Lagrave and opened up a new era of relations between the two towns.

in647-MSN-Twinning-pic-2The first agreement linking the towns was signed in 1982. Following the recent reorganization of local government which resulted in three separate new councils Midsomer Norton wanted to put in place a new agreement in what would have been the 30th Anniversary year.

In the event, Radstock and Westfield Councils decided they’d like to make links with new twinning partners whilst Midsomer Norton Town Council was keen to continue with Ambarès et Lagrave. In addition, so as not to exclude anyone who had built friendships over the years who did not live in Midsomer Norton, it was agreed the Town Council would continue to welcome all those who wanted to take part regardless of where they lived.


The Mayor of Midsomer Norton went to Ambarès et Lagrave as part of the twinning exchange last year and laid the groundwork for putting in place the new civic link and the Council subsequently prepared the arrangements for the twinning signing which took place on the 21st August.

Commencing with a formal signing ceremony in the Town Hall, both Mayors and twinning families shared declarations of their commitment to working together between not only the two towns but Great Britain and France. At the ceremony Cllr Simon Wellington presented the French Mayor with his painting of Midsomer Norton Town Hall and the High Street.

There followed a tour of the town, planting of a commerative oak tree in the new Midsomer Norton Garden of Friendship rounded off with a traditional cream tea at St John’s Church.